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Road Accident Fund (RAF) Assistance

RAF is a public entity set up by the South African government aimed at making a compensation payment available to people injured, or dependents killed, in road accidents within South Africa as a result of third party negligence.
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Fine Payment Assistance

Our Fine Payment Assist gives you a quick, easy and hassle-free way of dealing with traffic or speeding fines that saves you time, money and stress. 
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Workmen’s Compensation (COIDA) Assistance

Our WorkProtect assists employers and employees with all the necessary administrative support and documentation in preparation for submission.
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Roadside Security Assistance

Whether you need a tow-truck after an accident or breakdown, fuel if you’ve run out, a flat tyre to be changed, help with a flat battery or just some safe company to wait with.
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Pothole Damage Assistance

If you damage your car on a pothole, we’ll help you recover 100% of your repair costs for damage to your tyres, rims, mag wheels or your car itself, by handling your claim against the relevant road authorities.
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License Renewals Assistance

Avoid fines for lapsed vehicle licences and penalties for late renewals. Leave it all to us.
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